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This is an online study program which is provided by our team of professional expert trainers with the main objective of preparing the students for the ITIL certification foundation exam. The training period takes 16 hours of dedicated effort from the participants and is delivered online through live interactive webinars.. Our training for the course is available every month on both weekdays and weekends.

ITIL Foundation Certification Course Description

This course involves LIVE online learning lessons that are provided by professional IT experts to prepare the candidate for the ITIL foundational certification exam. The ITIL Foundation course has been designed to help students have a clear understanding of the concepts of IT Service Management which are not only vital to help students pass the certification exams but, will provide the learner with a complete knowledge of vital ITSM practices and skills at work. Our training sessions have been scheduled for both weekdays and weekends throughout the month. Students can decide to take morning classes of evening classes as per their convenience.

Why do ITIL?

    ITIL certification is ranked among the top 10 certifications in the IT field. The ITIL framework, techniques, models, tools, and practices have a global reach with over 10,000 business entities adopting their use in their operations. This is because these IT service management plans and practices integrate seamlessly with organization's strategic objectives of any business in all industries to help them improve their efficiency at work. Therefore, there are many job opportunities for people who are ITIL certified.

Course objectives,

By the end of this ITIL course training you will:

  1. Be in a position to comfortably sit and pass the exam.
  2. Have a deeper knowledge of the IT models, techniques, and concepts used in ITIL.
  3. Learn and have a better picture of the understanding of the objective, purpose, service design & operations, the basic framework of service strategy employed and Continual Service Improvement of the ITIL framework.
  4. Gain the basics of applying ITIL procedures, techniques and concepts as well as have a deep knowledge of the use of ITIL tools and systems to enhance service delivery and improve customer relations.
  5. Save operational costs by applying functional techniques which favorable in enhancing business operations.
  6. Have better knowledge of leveraging on ITIL techniques in automating business processes and work by improving the efficiency of IT Service Management.

Why you should attend our ITIL Foundation certification training?

Because we are the best and here's why

  1. We offer a money back guaranteed for students who for some reasons cannot continue with the courses. No questions asked.
  2. We also have an 'Exam Insurance' policy, refund the complete training fees if our students fail to pass the ITIL Foundation exam..
  3. We have a team of professional tutors who have a wide range of expertise and knowledge in ITIL. Our tutors are all accredited and incorporate live case studies as well as implementation scenarios in the training.
  4. The training sessions have been scheduled in a manner, which seeks to help students choose the most convenient time to take lessons: either over the weekends or weekdays or one can choose to take morning lessons as well as evening ones.
  5. Acquiros and Exin have accredited our training materials.
  6. To help clear the ITIL Foundation exam, we provide two simulation tests that enable candidates to prepare adequately.


1Day 1 (4+1 Hours)
Learning unit 1
Course Introduction,
Introduction to Service Management Lifecycle
Principles of service management
The ITIL® Service lifecycle
Learning unit 2
Service Strategy
End of Day Online Quiz(Assignment)
2 Day 2 (4+1 Hours)
Recap of day one and review of the quiz
Learning unit 3 – Service Design
Learning unit 4 – Service Transition(Part 1)
End of Day Online Quiz(Assignment)
3 Day 3 ( 4+1 Hours)
Recap of Day two and review of the quiz
Learning unit 4 – Service Transition(Part 2)
Learning unit 5 – Service Operation
End of Day Online Quiz(Assignment)
4 Day 4 (4 + 1 Hours)
Recap of Day three and review of the quiz
Learning unit 6 – Continual Service Improvement
Learning unit 7 – Exam prep unit
Simulation Exam and discussion of the exams.
Additional Simulation exam
Final Certification Exam(Web proctored Anytime-Anywhere Exam)

About the Exam & Certification

The certification for the course involves a one-hour multiple-choice exam comprised of 40 questions. Each question carries one mark. For a candidate to attain the certification, one has to meet the minimum pass mark of 65%, which is equivalent to a score of 26 out of 40 marks.


1 What devices can I take the training
Since the training is provided live over the internet, students should have access to a reliable internet connection that supports uninterrupted online streaming. Any devices that support videos streaming and broadcast such as tablets, some smartphones, iPads, laptops, and PCs can be used.
2 What are the pre-qualifications for a person to enroll for ITIL certification?
There are no preset conditions for any person who seeks to enroll and sit for ITIL classes. Basic knowledge in IT Service will be recommended.
3 Does the Course fee include exams fees?
Yes. Our course fees include both the training offered as well as some exam materials and the exam fees. Moreover, we provide an '˜Exam Insurance', which covers 50% of the exam fees for students who fail to pass, the exam in their initial attempt.
4 What does Live Online training mean?
Online training means that all the lesson sessions, as well as the exams, are done live over the internet. This makes it convenient for candidates to choose the best time that suits them to attend classes.
5 What are the payment options?
You can pay by any method available through PAYPAL.
6 What is the schedule of the classes and how many hours in a week
Depending on the batch you select, Your Live Classes will be held either over 2 weekends or over 4 days during the weekdays. It would typically be 5 hours of effort every day. This includes the live training as well as assignments.
7 What if I miss a class?
No problem. Just attend the next batch. All our students are assigned a key account manager who will help you get enrolled in the next batch. We have at least 3 batches running every month.
8 Do you have physical classroom.
All our open house batches are Online live instructor led interactive sessions. We can organize for a physical classroom session in your organization if required.
9 What certification is offered after the training?
After a candidate successfully passes the exam, one is awarded the official Axelos ITIL Foundation Certification.
10 Who delivers the training?
All our trainers are Subject matter experts and thought leaders in the field of ITIL. Our panel of trainers are all accredited to deliver the ITIL Foundation training program.
There are no Pre-requisites for the ITIL Foundation certification course
ITIL® is considered one of the top 10 certifications in the IT space ITIL has a global adoption with over 10,000 companies and organizations that have adopted ITIL® which means there is no shortage of job opportunities for ITIL certified people.

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